How To Beat Super Mario Sunshine Gelato Beach Mirror Madness? (Best solution)


How do you beat mirror madness in Super Mario Sunshine?

Climb up one of the palm trees and then leap over the palms until you reach the cabana with an umbrella on top of the roof. Jump to the reflecting panel and prepare yourself to meet your first gigantic cataquack. Spray the cataquack all the way to the edge till he begins to lose his footing and falls over (Tilt). Then walk to the other side of the room and conduct a Ground Pound there (Slam).

How do you win at Gelato Beach?

Gelato Beach is now open for business. Gelato Beach can only be accessed if you have five Shines. Instead of the lighthouse, the sludge pile has been erected at the northeast corner of town, where the lighthouse used to stand. This one, like the previous one, requires six strikes to defeat and is very identical to the last one, with the exception of the ring of opponents he fires out on your third hit.

How do you beat Gelato Beach Wiggler Ahoy?

For the player to defeat the Wiggler, he or she must spray a Dune Bud in the Wiggler’s path. It is possible that the Dune Bud will burst into a building beneath the Wiggler, forcing it to flip over if the timing is perfect.

How do you get the Shine Sprite in Gelato Beach?

Mario is on the lookout for Red Coins in the coral reef at Gelato Beach. Swim around a coral reef in search of eight red coins, six of which are buried within the reefs and two of which are floating about with a school of fish. Mario must collect all eight red coins before the game is over. Mario will receive another Shine Sprite as a result of this.

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How many blue coins are in Gelato Beach?

Gelato Beach, like every other planet in our Super Mario Sunshine guide, contains a total of 30 blue coins that must be collected.

Where is the rocket nozzle in Gelato Beach?

Nozzle for RocketsEdit On the easternmost edge of the beach, in a sliver of a gorge. On a little cliff southeast of the Shine Tower, there is a small cave. It is available starting with Episode 5 and continues throughout the series.

Where are the red coins in Gelato Beach?

Each of the three segments of the clover-shaped reef has two red coins concealed among the coral and seaweed, one in each of the three segments. Other red coins are swimming with two separate schools of red fish, which are depicted on the reverse of the coin. Holding down the A Button while swimming will give you a little additional speed, which will help you catch up with the money.

How do you beat Wiggler in Super Mario Sunshine?

Water sprayed onto Dune Buds while Wiggler approaches them will stun it, causing it to turn onto its back. This will disclose a weak area on any one of Wiggler’s segments, which must be Ground Pounded in order to cause damage to Wiggler. After Wiggler has been attacked three times, it transforms into sand, revealing another Shine Sprite to be discovered.

How do you beat Bowser in Super Mario Sunshine?

Mecha Bowser is a rather straightforward opponent to defeat. The rockets you acquire will be used by FLUDD to shoot at Mecha Bowser while you are on the course. You’ll have to wait till you pass another rocket before you can shoot again, so try to make every shot as effective as possible.

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How many shrines are there in Gelato Beach?

Gelato Beach, like every other world in our Super Mario Sunshine tutorial, contains a total of eleven shines that must be collected. Eight shines may be gained over the various level stages, two more can be found buried somewhere in the globe, and a final shine can be obtained by collecting 100 coins in a single playthrough.

Where is Corona Mountain?

Gelato Beach features a total of eleven shines to gather, just like every other world in our Super Mario Sunshine guide. You may win eight shines by completing each level stage, two more shines by finding them hidden about the environment, and a final shine by collecting 100 coins in a single run.

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