How Many Pages Are In Love And Gelato? (Perfect answer)

Specifications of the product

ISBN-13: 9781481432559
Publication date: 05/02/2017
Series: Love Series
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 400


  • What she discovers will transform everything she thought she knew about her mother, about her father, and about herself. Somebody informs her that people travel to Italy for love and gelato, but that they often discover much more along the way. Romance Fiction for young adults in the contemporary day. 389 pages, hardcover. The first edition was published on May 3, 2016.

How many books are in Love and Gelato?

In this boxed collection of three romantic novels set in the magnificent countrysides of Italy, Ireland, and Greece, New York Times bestselling author Jenna Evans Welch explores the meaning of life, love, and family in the lovely countrysides of Italy, Ireland, and Greece.

Does Love and Gelato have romance?

Parents should be aware that Love Gelato is a novel that is both a romance and a coming-of-age story set in and around the city of Florence, Italy. Despite the fact that the book is a light and entertaining read, it is about a kid named Lina who has lost her mother to illness and is attempting to discover out who her true father is.

How many pages are in love and olives?

Despite the fact that it is a large novel (almost 500 pages for a YA Contemporary), I can’t think of a single scene that I would have cut.

Does love and gelato have a second book?

Jenna Evans Welch’s second novel, Love Luck (Love Gelato, book 2), is set in Italy.

How long does it take to read love and gelato?

How long does it take to read through the Love Gelato Series from beginning to end? To complete the Love Gelato Series, the typical reader will spend around 14 hours and 56 minutes reading the books.

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Is Lina in love and luck?

After falling in love with Italy, Lina, and Ren in Love Gelato, I knew there was no way that Love Luck could ever compare to those experiences. Love Luck takes the audience on an emotional trip across the lush green countryside of Ireland.

Who is Lena’s dad in Love and Gelato?

Howard. Howard is Lina’s father, and he’s a really kind guy. He finds himself suddenly in charge of a teenage daughter whom he had no idea was his, but he accepts the situation. Although he makes mistakes from time to time, he always does his very best and always serves gelato at the perfect moment to satisfy his customers’ needs.

What books are in the love and gelato series?

Gelato is one of my favorite desserts.

  • Love Gelato (2016), Love Luck (2018), Love Olives (2020), Love Other Detours (2020), and The Love Collection (2020) are all examples of love-themed products.

Is love and gelato a series?

Jenna Evans Welch’s Love Gelato book series comprises the novels Love Luck and Love Olives, as well as other titles. See the whole Love Gelato series book list in chronological order, as well as boxed or omnibus versions, and supplementary titles to the series.

Is love and luck a sequel?

Lovers of Jenna Evans Welch’s best-selling children’s book, Love Gelato, are in for a different type of treat this time around: a spoonful of Love Luck. The future sequel will take the style of a joyful road trip across the breathtaking landscapes of Ireland, which will be released in 2017.

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How many chapters are there in love and luck?

What makes this book unique is that it provides an unprecedented eight viewpoints on leading a life that is rich in both Chinese history and customs as well as American life and traditions. The novel is divided into sixteen chapters, with each female character (with the exception of Suyuan) receiving two chapters to narrate her narrative.

How many books has Jenna Evans Welch written?

In LOVE LUCK, heartbreak, secrecy, and trust lie at the heart of the story. With a journey to Ireland for her aunt’s grandiose destination wedding, Addie and her family are able to cap off their summer vacation. She discovers certain truths and salves that will aid her in the healing of her damaged heart.

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