How To Breed Ice Cream Dragon In Dragon City? (Best solution)

  • To breed the Ice Cream Dragon, you must first mate a Sea Dragon with an Ice Dragon. This item has a 50 percent chance of being obtained. The Ice Cube Dragon is the other potential dragon to be encountered.

How long does the ice cream dragon take to breed?

In return for 3,450 Gems, duplicate eggs may be acquired through the Dragon Codex once the Ice Cream Dragon has been captured and successfully kept on an island of one’s choosing. Breeding for this Dragon takes 2 days, while incubation and then hatching the resulting egg takes 2 days, 9 hours, and 40 minutes, according to the Dragon’s website.

How do you get the ice cube dragon?

It can only be gained by collecting all of the dragons in the world. This dragon may also be found on the dragon black market, if you’re interested. Dragon of ice and fire in 2019!! Make use of dragons with a level of 15 or above.

What is the best dragon you can breed in Dragon City?

Using the breeding combination Pure + Pure, you may produce Dragon City legendary dragons at the highest level possible.

How do you breed Cool Fire Dragon?

To breed a Cool Fire Dragon in Dragon City, begin by launching the app and selecting “Breeding Mountain” from the menu. The “Breed” icon, which is a red heart on the lower right-hand side of the screen, must be tapped in order to proceed. Once they have mated, tap one dragon on either side of the screen (on the left side of the screen or on the right side of the screen).

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How do you get Venom Dragon?

When breeding two dragons with both the Plant and Metal Elements together, the Venom Dragon may be produced. It can also be purchased from the Main Shop for 250 Gems if you have the Plant and Metal Elements in both of your dragons. To use either technique, the Trainer must have attained the Level 15 requirement.

What is the most powerful legendary dragon in Dragon City?

1 Durian dragon with a horned head The Durian dragon is the most effective mythological dragon due to the components it possesses and the quantity of damage it can deal. Because of his overall damage of 8450, he is an extremely powerful legendary character. He is ranked number two among the greatest category ten dragons, behind only pure titan, who is ranked number one.

Can you get a heroic dragon by breeding?

No, only races will ever offer you heroics, however you may occasionally be able to summon a heroic using orbs.

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