How Many Calories In A Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake?

1 slice (120 g) of Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake has 240 calories and has no fat.
What is the carbohydrate content of a Dairy Queen?

  • Carbohydrates and sugar are present. The high carbohydrate and sugar content of Dairy Queen Blizzards is even another reason to consume only a little amount of the frozen treat. Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzards contain between 82 and 163 grams of carbs, with between 69 and 139 grams of sugars. The Cookie Dough Blizzards contain between 103 and 189 grams of carbs, with between 76 and 140 grams of sugars.

How many servings are in a Dairy Queen ice cream cake?

Serves 8-10 people.

How many calories are in an 8 inch ice cream cake from Dairy Queen?

A DQ Round Cake from Dairy Queen that is 8 inches in diameter has 3270 calories.

How many calories are in an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen 10?

A 10 inch DQ Round Cake from Dairy Queen has 4980 calories and is made with buttercream frosting.

Is DQ cake healthy?

Ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen are wonderful, but they are not nutritious. According to Dairy Queen, around 2,120 calories are derived from fat, with 885 grams of carbs and 2,410 milligrams of salt also included.

How many calories are in a DQ cupcake?

One cupcake (6 oz) of Dairy Queen Blue Striped Swirl Cupcake has 440 calories and is high in fat.

How many carbs are in a slice of ice cream cake from Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen frozen cake (1 slice – each 1/8 cake) has 404 calories and 63.4 grams of total carbohydrates, 62.2 grams of net carbohydrates, 12.7 grams of fat, 11.4 grams of protein, and 11.4 grams of fiber.

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What is in a Dairy Queen cake?

There’s a foundation of chocolate soft serve, a middle layer of DQ’s characteristic chocolate and crunch, and a top layer of Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard treat, topped with chocolate chunks, chocolate brownie bits, and a covering of chocolate cone coating.

How many calories are in a whole ice cream cake?

Approximately 1010 calories are contained in one 12-ounce serving of ice cream cake, which has 136.7 grams of total carbohydrates, 132 grams of net carbs, 48.9 grams of fat, 14.8 grams of protein, and 136.7 grams of total carbs.

How many calories are in a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake?

1 slice (117 g) of Baskin-Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake has 290 calories and has no fat.

Is ice cream cake healthier than regular cake?

Ice cream is a little more nutritious than cake, but cake also includes icing on top of it. Frosting has a high fat and sugar content, which makes it particularly unhealthy. As a result, the nutritional content of the same portion of ice cream and cake may differ significantly.

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