Where To Buy Thrifty Ice Cream? (TOP 5 Tips)

  • Product is available in retail cartons at Rite Aid stores, and restaurants in the Los Angeles region may get it in bulk from a wholesale distributor. The same questions regarding the future of Thrifty ice cream were raised in 2015 when Walgreens announced that it would acquire rival pharmacy chain Rite Aid in a $9.41 billion cash and stock transaction.

Does Thrifty still make ice cream?

In its growth to become the largest drugstore chain on the West Coast, Thrifty eventually abandoned the Hollywood facility. In 1976, the company built a new factory in El Monte, California, where it continues to manufacture Thrifty ice cream today. Rite Aid purchased the business in 1996 and renamed it, removing the Thrifty name from the storefronts of its locations.

Who makes Thrifty brand ice cream?

He and his father Harry launched Thrifty Drug Businesses with his uncle Robert in 1929, and the stores immediately gained a reputation for serving great ice cream. In 1996, the franchise was acquired by Rite Aid, which continues to offer Thrifty Ice Cream, which is manufactured in El Monte by the firm that owns the chain.

Is Thrifty Ice Cream real ice cream?

He and his father Harry launched Thrifty Drug Businesses with his uncle Robert in 1929, and the stores immediately gained a reputation for serving delectable frozen treats. Following the acquisition of the chain by Rite Aid in 1996, the latter has continued to serve Thrifty Ice Cream, which is produced in El Monte by the same business.

Is Thrifty ice cream only in California?

Thrifty Ice Cream was previously available solely at Rite Aid’s California stores, which currently number around 540 in total. This past May, the drugstore chain began offering eight new varieties of the brand at its locations in Idaho, Oregon and Washington, where it has a total of around 220 outlets.

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Why is Thrifty ice cream so soft?

At the El Monte factory, Thrifty Ice Cream freezer operator Phillip Ambriz scoops chocolate chips into a pump, which then injects them into the ice cream. To complete the Chocolate Malted Krunch ice cream, malt crunch balls are placed to the top of the ice cream. After a few minutes, air will be introduced to the mixture, resulting in a creamy, soft ice cream texture.

How many flavors of Thrifty ice cream are there?

In addition to seasonal and special edition varieties, Thrifty’s ice cream offers more than 45 different tastes. Keep your eyes peeled for taste bits and pieces!

Is Thrifty ice cream good?

In addition, while Thrifty ice cream may not be as delicious as it was when you were five, it is still delicious. More importantly, getting a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough at the same time as your routine Advil/Bandaid/deodorant errand is a thrilling experience. The cylindrical scoop form is unmistakably recognizable in design.

What is in Thrifty ice cream?


Who owns Thrifty Drugs?

When Rite Aid purchased Thrifty PayLess Holdings in 1996, the ice cream brand became part of the company’s portfolio. More than 500 Rite Aid locations on the West Coast sell the product, which is manufactured with California milk and from formulas that haven’t changed in over 50 years, according to the drugstore firm.

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Who makes Safeway Signature Select ice cream?

Designed in conjunction with DeSoto, Kansas-based Huhtamaki, the custom-shaped 48-ounce container for Safeway’s private-label ice cream, which is presently available in the grocer’s shops, is the outcome of a partnership with the company.

What was Rite Aid called before Rite Aid?

The initial name of Rite Aid was Thrift D Discount Center, which was created by Alex Grass in 1962. Envision Pharmaceutical Services was purchased by Rite Aid in 2007 for $2 billion dollars.

Where did Thrifty ice cream originated?

At the junction of Fourth and Broadway, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles’ Art Deco district, Thrifty Ice Cream first opened its doors in 1929 as a pharmacy and soda fountain. However, as the drugstore chain expanded, the owners decided to build an ice cream plant on their own premises to better serve their customers.

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